недеља, 10. јануар 2016.

SHEPHERDS OF CASSINI – „Helios Forsaken“

(Self -released ) 2015.
Post progressive rock/metal/fusion – NEW ZEALAND

Out of Auckland, New Zealand comes a band Shepherds Of Cassini, active from 2012 year. After a year of existence, they released a self-titled debut, and during the July of previous 2015, a second full-length entitled „Helios Forsaken“, looked the light of day.
New Zealand band work as a quartet with violin in its line-up. All of group members are prominent performers, with clear idea about musical conception. They have offered a strong sound, with often guitar and violin instrumental includings, attractive arangments, and modern production as well.
They also „create“ something different, cos’ a band’s version of  progressive and metal mixing elements, as a result produce something fresh and new. Good balance between vocal includings and instrumental parts characterize its longest songs too. In the final, they are listenable, and musically convincible. Very recommendable.






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  1. These are really nice pictures and a video. You guys seem to have a wonderful band and I hope that it will be able to produce wonderful and entertaining music for the audience.