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SOUL EMBRACE – "Good Morning To Myself"

(Starman Records) 2015.
Rock/soul/new wave – BELGIUM

Soul Embrace are newer band out of Belgian music scene, consisting of experienced musicians. Some period ago they have released a full-length CD with 11 tracks in , entitled „Good Morning To Mysef“, for „Starman Records“.
The Belgian fellows in their own words making songs about movies that never made, written stories by life itself. Musically, they have offered a unique mix of various stylish options, and this is some sort of, I woud say „laid back“ crossover. We can find here and there traces from rock, soul, and specially 80’s new wave variants as well. Saxophone is dominate instrument, and some comparative elements lead to late Morphine influences too. Ironic and smoky voice of frontman Alain Deltenre also characterize its sound. Songs of a Belgian band are listanable and mentioned 80’s new wave influences are present in arrangement creations too.
Soul Embrace are undoubtedly interesting act, not for every ear and taste, but with promising  final message. We’ ll see what the future brings in their case.




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