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SWOON - Backwards & Forwards

" Backwards & Forwards " 
( Vaulted Records ) 2011.
Indie/alter pop/rock

Swoon are New York based band, consists of 2 female and 2 male persons/musicians, fronted by Minnie Cho. She is key author, vocalist and she also play a guitar. Till now, with actuelle one, a band has released a 2 albums, firstly " Departures" from 2008 year, and " Backwards & Forwards" from February this 2011 year. A New York quartet has  a lotta' fans and followers in musical circulation, and some of their collegues supports a group's work. Swoon is musically on indie/alter pop therithory, and its sound also has something taken from 90's indie / alter rock legacies. Knows to reminds on British late 80's and 90's acts, but most of present materials posses a clear authors signiture.
A group deliver a moody melodies, lush vocalizations, edgy guitars and pleasent and enjouable songs as well. Their tunes are pretty listenable and also inspirative in some way. " Backwards & Forwards " is an interesting product of New York band, worth listeners attention.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.swoontheband.com
e-mail : info@swoontheband.com

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