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RUDIES - Rudies

" Rudies "
( Blue Pie Records ) 2010.

Rudies are Lexington, Kentacky, USA based reggae band, and releatively a newer act.A group works in quintet formation, fronted by singer Saint Jerrod. Their " S/t" album introduces them as a reggae band whose approach accepts lotta' elements of earliest ska and dub as well.
They are influental by the 70's and 80' reggae movement, but also posses an original attitude and approach. Prince Buster, The Skatalities, early Wailers, The Upseters are some of the influental names for USA fellows, whose materials also posses a strong social dimension too.
Some songs deserves again listenings as a " No Justice" and specially " Psycho Babylon" with interesting playing dualities between dub and psychedelic phrases...Part of the materials are consists of more ska, other of  more classic reggae, or reggae / dub influental themes.
A full - length album of USA guys could be probably more recomandable  product for old school reggae followers...

Rating : 7   / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/therudies

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