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PEGAZUS - In Metal We Trust

" In Metal We Trust "
( Black Leather Records ) 2011.
Power metal - AUSTRALIA

Pegazus are Melbourne based band, and well-known act in power metal worldwide area. They started out its carreare in 1993 year,  and as a band they are discographically active. " In Metal We Trust" is their newer product, and this is album with 11 tracks in. Pegazus are basically power metal act, but also melodic sounding group. Their music also contains some speed metal includings, and 80's trraces as well.
On actuelle album, a group also performs Judas Priest song " Metal Gods " and version of Aussie mates posses more melodic elements.
Also in song " Old School Metal Dayz", a group were joined by Ross The Boss ( Manowar ), David Shankle ( Manowar / DSG ) and Jeff Watson ( Ex Night Ranger /Mothers Army). Initially, Pegazus has offered  mainly equalizing materials, but with some haunting tracks, as a for example " Road Warrior " and " Ghost Rider".

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.pegazusofficial.com
e-mail : mario@metalrevelation.com

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