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GUARDIANS OF TIME - A Beautiful Atrocity

" A Beautiful Atrocity "
( Mayhem Music ) 2011.
Heavy/power/progressive metal

A well-informed followers of power/progressive tendencies under the metal genre, knows about Norwegian band - Guardians Of Time.
They started out in 1997 year, and first discographical step was " Edge Of Tomorrow" album ( 2001 ), followed by " Machines Of Mental Design" from 2004 . After 7 years of discographical hibernation, a group promote actuelle product entitled " A Beautiful Atrocity".
GOT are on therithory of  heavy/ power/ progressive metal, influental by the 80' s tendencies, especially by the Queensryche legacy, but Norway quintet also has introduced enough original tricks and performing views. There are 13 tracks on album, and practically complete materials posses evident melodicity, fullfield with convinceble playings, constant twin guitar dualities, and added with strong vocalizations as well.
A well-done production and brilliant arrangments works characterize album in general, and there's no doubt that band did a great job.
" A Beautifdul Atrocity" is a very serious album, without uninteresting places or boring details....

Rating : 8 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.guardiansoftime.no

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