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HONEY FOR CHRIST - The Cruelty Of Great Expectations

" The Cruelty Of Great Expectations "
( Rundown Records ) 2011.
Heavy/dark metal

A Northern Ireland band Honey For Christ, isn' t a newer name on underground metal area. They were formed in 1998 year, and till forthcoming period a group has released a coulple of Demos, 1 EP and one  7' Inch issue. " The Cruelty Of Great Expectations" is their actuelle and first full-length, where we can find 8 tracks in. HFC are on therithory of classic heavy metal, also influental by the 80's movement.
But in its sound we can find a plenty of dark metal traces and doomy atmospheres as well. Also some other genre's variants are present here and there, as a specially  thrashy includings. A group has offered a specific arrangments views of present songs, and it's evident that members from band did a lotta' efforts that all things get funkcionizes according to plan. " The Cruelty Of Great Expectations" are consists of mainly equalizing materials, without leading song, but also without a weacker place in general.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.honeyforchrist.com

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