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Viathyn are :

Tomislav Crnkovic - vocals / rhythm guitar
Jacob Wright - lead guitar
Dave Crnkovic - bass
Alex kot - bass

A band offer an epic opis that combines the flair of traditional power metal with technical arrangments of progressive metal, crystal clear production, elegant classical flourishes, soaring vocals, powerful emotional lyrics, driving melody, and virtuosic performances Influences/sounds like : Angra, Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Pagans Mind, Wuthering Heights, Dream Theater, Falconer, Sonata Arctica, Manticora...

Genre : power progressive metal with thrash, folk and death metal influences.

Bio : Hailing from Calgari, Alberta, Canada, where death metal regions supreme, a group found a way to combine their many influences into a melodic mix unique to the area if not Canada. Completely self-financed, self-produced and recorded, in their own strudio, band created a professional product that is rarely matched for a debut album.All creative aspects from song writing and lyrics to website and graphical design and marketing is done by someone in the band....

C / o : www.viathyn.com

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