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" Baal Perazim "
( A Bomb Records ) 2010.
Heavy metal/80's metal

Atomic Playground are relatively newer act, formed back in 2006 year. They are four piece act, hailing fom Orlando, Florida, but members from band are well-experienced musicians, with longest carreare behind. " Baal Perazim" are their debut, released during the November of 2010 year.
We can find 10 tracks here and there, done in so call old school way, with many 80's traces, and similiar variants as well. Musically, we can hear many  influences, taken from succeasful groups as a Manowar, Tora Tora.  or earliest Judas Priest, but band also has offered some own tricks.
A songs are done in raw way, without any calculations, and band also has offered a distant performings . A productionn  reminds on 80's period, but that was finally  a group' s choice. Atomic Playground are coherent team, and their album is mainly recomandable for old school and 80's metal followers

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.atomic-playground.net

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