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" Ready "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Funk/smooth jazz/soul

Singer, keyborder and songwriter Sonny Axell, born in St. Etienne ( 1982 ), is an interesting artist, whose musical occupation touches groovy tendencies, soulful jazz, funk, soul and similiar variants. During the previous 2010 year, he has released an album entitled " Ready", with 10 tracks in. With relevant production done by himself, certain and enjouable arrangments works, he has introduced as a musician also influental by the USA late 70's and 80's groups and artists, so in his songs we can find many elements nearer to Earth Wind And Fire, Chicago, Steely Dan, or  Crusaders  legacies. But, all of present songs posses a relevant dinamizations, and accepts a standards of our time too. Originality isn' t a middle name of this French artists, but in the other hand all things he did in best possible manner.
His songs are listenable, also acceptable for radio usings. He has also offered  an equalizing materials, recomandable for the followers of funk , whote soul, smooth jazz and similiar genre's tendencies... 

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.sonnyaxell.com

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