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STORTREGN - Uncreation

" Uncreation "
( Great Dane Records ) 2011.
Black/death metal

Stortregn are hailing from Geneva, Switzerland. They are four piece act, formed back in 2005 year. During the previous years, they have some personal changes, but they also released a 1 Demo in 2007,   and EP " Devoured By Oblivion" in 2008 year. " Uncreation" is actuelle product, a full-length with 8  tracks in, released for " Great Dane Records". Stortregn are black/ceath act inspired by Nordic groups, and general  by 90's black metal movement. Their sound also accept evident death metal traces and melodic includings as well. A lyrical approaches touches a themes of humanity desintegrations, human disorders and similiar views. A band has offered a distant performings, in many aspects with brutal and agressive playings, but also with interesting arrangments includings as well. " Uncreation" hides some interesting performing moments, and band has offered mainly equalizing materials. Nothing especially new, but Stortregn manniristically satisfies...

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.stortregn.com

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