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THE TED VAUGHN BLUES BAND - The Ted Vaughn Blues Band

" The Ted Vaughn Blues Band "
( Harbinger Northwest Records ) 2011.
Blues/revival  - USA

The Ted Vaughn Blues Band are consists of well-experienced musicians, with respectable performing qualities. Frontman, vocalist and harpist, Ted Vaughn coming out from Salem, OR, and he is during the years also recognized as a certain performer and musician,  in his area. He has also offered before actuelle one, a 2 solo products - " Born To The Blues " ( 2008 ), and " Uncertain, Texas" ( 2010 ).
The actuelle Ted Vaughn Blues Band " S / t" album are consists of 10 tracks in, 3 of them are penned by Ted himself, others are covers.
Musically, Ted with his compagnions are on therithory of blues/rhythm and blues/rock and roll//rockabilly, influental by the 70's and 80's blues movements as well. A strong energy is a key weapon of group, where also other eelements funkcionizes according to plans.
Melodicity, rhythmization, and generally one positive  and optimistic atmosphere dominates through complete album materials.  
All of present songs are  absolutelly acceptable for concerts performings, and mentioned materials are listenable too. Fine product, and enjouable CD for worldwide blues followers...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.tedvaughnbluesband.com

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