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TEN YEAR VAMP - Don' t Act Like You Know Me

" Don' t Act Like You Know Me "
( Self - released ) 2009.
Power pop/melodic rock - USA

Ten Year Vamp is Albany, New York female fronted quintet, active some period on national scene. After realizations of some EP's, during the 2009 year, a group has released  still actuelle full - length, with 12 tracks in, entitled " Don' t Act Like You Know Me". Ten Year Vamp are recognized as a pretty enjouable, optimistic, and convinceble act, whose songs posses a strong radio usings and aceptables. Musically, a band knows to reminds on 80's power pop acts, equally UK, as same as from USA, and one positive attitude also circulate around their music.
Energy is also important adut, as same as one unclassical optimistic view. " Don' t Act Like You Know Me" are consists of 12 equalizing songs, also acceptable for concerts threathenings. As a album " Don' t Act Like You Know Me", deserve constant and again listenings. There's no doubt that Ten Year Vamp around their interesting fields funkcionizes in best possible manner.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.tenyearvamp.com

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