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" Caked "
( Right Hook Records ) 2011.
Thrash/power/heavy metal

Muddy Helmet are Bremerton, WA quintet, started out as a band in 2009 year. They are also a newer act on USA metal underground scene, and " Caked" is actuelle full-lenght offering ,  this is a CD with 10 tracks in. Judging by genres and performing options, USA fellows combines elements of thrash, power and classic heavy idioms, fullfield with some hidden death metal traces as well. All of present songs posses a touch of so call modern influences, and productinal work accepts nowadays standards. Present songs are done in mid, rarely  in mid-up tempo,and some "doomy" atmospheres, also exists, but band didn' t communicate with mentioned genre form generally.
A lotta' energy they have included in arrangments threathenigs as same as in other tchnical elements and realizations. A cover artwork of CD is also interesting, followed by 12 pages booklet. Offering materials deserves repeatable " listening sessions", and without a doubt " Caked" is optimistic debut of USA band.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.muddyhelmet.net

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