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 DAYS OF ASHES " In The Mirror Of Reconciliation "
( Self - released ) 2014.
Progressive rock / progressive metal - SWEDEN

Out of Sweden comes a newer progressive act consisting of five members, one female
and 4 males. A group has released on its own production a debut album entitled
" In The Mirror Of Reconciliation", where we can find 11connective and complexive
songs, done in the progressive rock/metal manner as well. A mentioned album is a
conceptual release, and took almost a 6 years from starting idea to realization.
It's a journey through different emotional statements of one man's life. Very interesting
concept , and I would add, that band did a enough efforts that all things funkcionizes
as well in final.We can find on present tracks fine progressive works and traces,
judging by style conception, something between prog. rock and metal variants in best
genre's tradition. Fine vocalization and strong and maximally modern production, also
defines album of Swedish bunch. Nice work and good job for Swedish band..

 C /o : www.facebook.com/daysofashesofficial

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