понедељак, 22. јун 2015.

"Rumble Shake"
( Self released /Just For Kicks ) 2014.
Roots rock / blues rock - IRELAND

Out of Dublin, Ireland comes a trio Crow Black Chicken. They are also known as a "Irish ZZ Top", but as a band Dublin bunch rocks on its own way. It's life as a band started out in 2009 year, and till now with actual one, they have released a two albums. " Rumble Shake" is a fresh one, with 10 tracks in, done in roots rock and bluesy vain, with evident touch of 70's period as well. All the positive elements taken from, for example Gov't Mule or Rory Gallagher can be seen on present tracks, but Irish fellows also offers enough interesting tricks and performing details as well. It's material is coherent, without too much technical includings,
or improvsations, but complete album is listenable in every aspect. I would like to see them alive in my area, but till then, check' em and taste the true rock sound. They deserve every attentions.

C /o : www.crowblackchicken.com

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