уторак, 23. јун 2015.

" Contra Verse "
( Self - released ) 2013.
Hard rock - AUSTRIA

Out of Graz, Austria comes a band Contra Verse, with 5 years long career behind. They work as a quartet, faithful to rock and hard rock variants. During the period of existence as a band release about a 100 gigs. Their s/t album, a group has recorded in own production, and this is a CD with 8 tracks in. Austrians offers a model of wild rock and hard rock options, with full of so call youth energy and enthusiasm. Its stylish offering also posses something of older 80's and less 70's variants, but production is a little bit confusing and"uncontrolled". A present songs in my opinion are more acceptable for "live" playings, and it looks like that studio surroundings  is less pleasant place for Austrian fellows. Anyway a group mentioned s/t album is honest release, with enough positive vibrations...

C / o : www.facebook.com/contraverserock

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