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SENCELLED - Sencelled

" Sencelled "
(Rocket Songs/Sound Polution) 2011.
Melodic rock/AOR/power pop

Sencelled are a newer Swedish four-piece act, from a suburb north of capitlol Stockholm. Their freshly released a " S / t" album, is another pretty interesting and promising album from one Swedish group whose musical orientations touches elements of melodic rock and AOR tendencies.
There are a 10 tracks from album, and complete materials were written and arranged  by band members and producer Ricky B. Delin.
Sencelled are pretty melodic group,  and all of present songs are absolutelly listenable and acceptable for radio usings. Something taken from the 80's period can be recognized in its sound, from atmosphere, to  the one unclassical energy, produced by all  band members.
In some aspects they reminds me on USA 80's act - Riggs, partly popular in brief mentioned period, but Sencelled offers many convinceble  fine moments in general.  They reflects  all the best from mentioned genres variants as a melodic rock, AOR, power pop in its musical views, and finally, their debut is more than promising  product.

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.sencelled.se

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