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DAN LAMBERT - The Double Drum Trio

" The  Double Drum Trio "
( Coordinate Records ) 2010.
Fusion/instrumental/various genres

Dan Lambert is El Paso based guitarist/composer and musician with respectable carreare behind. His grandfather was born south of Belgrade, and he  has also some Serbian and Balcan roots. " The Double Drum Trio" is his latest product, released during the December, previous 2010 year. A complete album material, Dan has recorded with two percussionists - Ricardo Amaya and Eric Hickerson.
On 12 instrumental tracks, Dan has offered his views, based on fusion varinats, middle-eastern influental music, Indian raga, as same as american folk and jazz. A present themes are very listenable, and complete album posses a special intuitive and pleasent atmosphere.
Dan has also connected a several musical periods, from mid 60's and flower-power variants to nowadays " urban" uptempo rhythmizations.
He also plays a middle eatern instruments as a : sarod, oud, ruan, so present arrangments are full of specific flavours. Some reviewers will maybe find similiarities with McLaughlin-Shakti music legacies, but Dan has offered something " expandier" and quite different.
I will repeat that really fine and pleasent atmosphere dominates through complete offering themes, and there's no doubt that Dan did a fine job. Absolutelly recomandable....

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.danlambertguitar.com

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