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The Paranoid Critical Revolution, the project of guitarist Reg Bloor, has been playing the NYC and Northeast club scene since 2006.
The self-released debut CD " Death Of The Cool", came out in December 2007, just in time to play.ALL TOMORROW' S PARTYS, " A Nightmare Before Christmas", in Minehead, England. The bnad played at the South By Southwest Music Festival in March 2008.
The Band's second CD " Euphobia", was released in 2010. The album features more non-traditional harmony of  guitarist Reg's own invention, odd meters, atonality, dissonance,guitar accessories used in ways that they were never intended, and of course loud, screechy rock!
The album is #1 on WXDU Duke University Radio's Loud Rock chart to the week ending August 8, 2010.
The second release from Glenn Branca's new record label " SYSTEMS NEUTRALIZERS", " Euphobia". was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs at SMASH STUDIOS NYC by Ben Lindell and Mike Fryer. It was mixed and mastered by Reg Bloor and Libby Fab.
In addition to PCR, guitarist Reg Bloor has been playing with Glenn Branca ( to whom she is married ) since 2000. She played in Branca's Symphony No. 12, Lesson No. 3, his rock band Branca / Bloor, in his trio, eventually becoming Concertmaster for his " Symphony No. 13" for 100 Guitars. She can be heard on  Branca's new  CD " The Ascension : The Sequel ", and recently performed as part of the world premier of his Symphony No. 15 " Running Through The World Like An Open Razor" ( Music For Strange Orchestra ) in NYC. In the late 90's she was a founding member of the Boston - based band TWITCHER, who released the self - produced CD " Leg of Lamb of God" in 1999 and appeared on the soundtrack  for the Troma film " Terror Firmer".
" Euphobia" also features drummer Libby Fab who has since left the band....

C / o : www.theparanoidcriticalrevolution.com

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