уторак, 4. октобар 2011.

HASTER - Searching

" Searching "
( Self - released ) 2011.

Haster are relatively newer act, founded in April 2010 year. During the brief period a group started to write a materials, and  they discographically debuted in May this 2011 year, with EP , entitled  " Searching". A guys from Orange County, CA, are on theritory of metal / metalcore and rock tendencies, influental by the 90's period as well. Their songs posses agressivity, but in the same time melodicity is also present here and there. A production is modern, and it's important to say, that other technical elements funkcionizes according to plans. In some aspects they know to reminds on groups as a specially Deftones, Korn, less on Alice In Chains, and I have to add one more time, that  90's period is absolutelly inspirative era for band mates. A songs are certain, manniristically well done, and that's evident that USA act did a lotta' efforts, that all things satisfies in general. A 6th track, a slower one - " Take Me" could be a recomandable song for repeatable listenings....

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.haster.co

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