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Cinder Road knows how to push the right buttons and tug on the heartstrings to win over the masses.Playing their radio friendly collection of songs equally matched by their charismatic chemistry, this band merges old school rock sensibility with a modern,  pop metal approach - underscored by a unique flavor of attitude and presence reminiscent of the 80's avenue rock era.
Neighbours Mike Ruocco and Chris Shucosky formed the band as kids, taking the name of their own street as soon as they learned how to play.  They soon began touring as a cover band in high school days. Mike, the lead singer, " We sometimes played as many as six shows a week in high school, playing colleges, clubs, parties of any other gig we could get. We' d be falling asleep in chaos from all the touring.".
Soon, the seasoning at such a young age paid off, when the band caught the attention of Union Entertainment Group, the management team behind multi - platinum selling  Canadian band Nickelback. Cinder Road soon  found themselves in the studio with veteran producer Marti Frederiksen ( Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne ) and the debut album  " Superhuman" was born.
The CD is a mix of High-octane rockers and heartfelt ballads that, according to Ruocco, create an experience, running the gamut of emotions.
The 11 tracks on " Superhuman" are definetely staggering in their passionate range.Ruocco mantains a simply philosophy when it comes to music".
Each song is an extension of my emotions.They' re like my children"  Whatever lies in their future, Cinder Road has set their sights high. That is, if the band's frontman has anything to say about it. " people go to rock shows to be entertained. Thy don' t want to hear about politics or look at same depressed kid in a dirty T-shirt. We need to change that.
Remember the big arena rock shows? The days of pyro, big light shows, huge stages, ramps, swings and all that crazy stuff? We want to bring that back".

C / o : www.cinderroadmusic.com

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