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Info 2010.

Bodinrocker is Andreas Bodin from Gothenburg, Sweden. He's been rocking on since he was a kid. He grew up in the middle of Sweden and started to write songs on the guitar at the age of ten. When he stepped in to his older brothers rooms there were posters all over the place of Status Quo, Slade and The Who. And that's where Anders still is. Head down, legs apart.Melodic guitar riffs, straight forward rock and boogie is what is all about.
Through the years he's been in some bands, but none of them really worked out well.  In 2005 he decided to start a solo-project. With great help from Lars Ekberg, his brother in law, he started the recordings that developed to the debut album, " Hall Of Flames". It was released by his own company " Bearman music", in late 2006. It ended up being a very guitar oriented album  in the classic rock style. and got some great attention. The title track was used by TV 4, in Sweden, as background music when the swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang was about to do his first space trip. The title track did also get some airplay in swedish radio along with " Golden Girl" and " The Way back Home".
In June 2008 Anders Bodin was back in the studio for his next album. He once again worked with the same musicians as from the first album.
Great musicians who also have worked with well known swedish artists such as Jerusalem, Mikael Rickfors, Mats Ronander, Carola, and many others. Lars Ekberg was once again back as the co-producer and the recordings took place in his own  Oakmountain studio in Gothenburg.
April 2010 saw the release of " Mysterious Man". An album loaded with melodies, guitar riffs, hammond organ, boogie and straightforward rock.
The songs are stories, adventures and reflections of life. Anders want to encourage the listeners to create their own adventures, to throw away the remote control and the explore life.
This time Anders Bodin decided to use his old nickname Bodinrocker. The first single " Scooter", was released as a digital single 29th of January 2010 and has got some great airplay in Sweden. " Scooter " charted at No. 1 at SNL, Svenska Narradiolistan. The album " Mysterious Man" was released 1st of April 2010 and is available both on CD and digital download...

C / o : www.andersbodin.net

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