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MORILD - Time To Rest

" Time To Rest "
( Self - released ) 2010.
Progressive/progressive rock

Morild are Trondheim, Norway based band, formed back in 2007 year. A group work as a quartet, and during the previous 2010 year, they debuted with 2 CD's materials, entitled " Time To Rest". It's also interesting, that Italian webzine "Progwards" - www.progwards.it , nominated them as a best foreighn act with debut album.  Morild are musically deeply in the 70's period, but in their own way they recapitulize mentioned era, mixing authentic sound with nowadays prog. elements as well. They are also partly influental by the Nordic folk, their materials posses enough ambiental parts, many keybord driven passages, as well as colourfull arrangments includings. Their mainly longer songs are done in slower to mid, rarely mid-up tempo. A band has showed some original authors ideas, as same as some unexpecting performing details. Even of many fine present moments, a generally  weacker element belongs to production works . A production simply must be better, even that we know that group has recorded an album materials for longer period. As a band Morild has introduced themselves as a original act, even that some comparisions could lead to British 70's acts as a Camel, Rennaissance or earliest Barclay James Harvest. " Time To Rest " is a relevant discographical start for Norway fellows, and recomandable product for progressive followers as well.

Rating : 8 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/morildprog

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