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Info 2011.

Satevis began life in 2003 as an atmospheric doom metal project called Corsis. As the band become more serious, its sound evolved in a more progressive dimension, combining melodic elements with more extreme sounds. With this change in musical direction, come a name change, and in 2007, Corsis became Antares.
With a new name and a new sound, Antares began work on the " Different Light" demo, released in 2008. Once the demo was complete, the guys began playing every show they could find in the New York / New Jersey area. Having built some momentum and with a new batch of songs representing a further maturation of the band's sound., Antares entered the studio once more to record the " Centralia" EP. Totally different than anything the band  had done before, the songs on " Centralia" combined the atmosphere and mood of black metal, the dissonance and brutality of death metal, and the technical but melodic riffing of progressive metal. With so little shared between the new songs and those conceived under the Antares moniker, the band decided that one final name change was necessary. Thus, Satevis was born...

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