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Info 2010 :

Apollos is a hard rock, metal ( classic & progressive ) band that began in 1987. They received critical acclaim from KERRANG! magazine for their first album " Rising" and developed a loyal cult following. They actually call their music " gnothic " becouse of the " neo-gothic " imagery and sounds combined with " gnostic" or esoterical wisdom poetry. Their new album  " Awaken" is their second album. They went underground for over twenty years after lead singer Anthony Stultz ( aka Lord Jack ) left to become a Zen teacher and Buddhist priest.
The band was resurrected when his son Evan Stultz ( aka Lee Apollos ) took up the guitar ( he started playing violin at age 5 ! ) and began playing with Apollos original  guitarist from Great Britain, Don Reese. He inspired dad to get back to singing and new material was quickly formed.Tohether, Anthony and Evan are probably one of the most unique metal bands out there - being a father and son team! Noted for their eclectic sound, progressive lyrics, their new album is dedicated to their late friend and metal god, Ronnie James Dio.Proceeds from this new album are doated to  Dio's cancer fighting charity, STAND UP AND SHOUT.....

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