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" Drive "
( Skye Records ) 2012.
Rock / pop - USA

Don Jacobs is a singer/songwriter from Mississipi, and also successful visual artist and muralist. " Drive" is his second album, followed by " Late Night Radio" from 2009 year. He is a singer/songwriter of old manner, and his 13 songs from album were done in rock/classic rock, west coast, less AOR , and adult pop  variants as well. Most of his tunes posses a laid back and also a spontaneous atmosphere, and some comparisions leads to 70's period too.A solid production, and pleasent arrangments works characterize a complete present materials of more or less equalizing songs. But, I would a specially recomand a 10th track - " Rain" for a repeatable listenings, and probably this is a best song from album. A mentioned song also posses a evidental radio friendly usings. If you prefer a songwriters of old school manners, Don Jacobs is undoubtelly your type of artist.

 Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.donjacobs.net

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