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LANDSCAPE - Staring At Utopia

"Staring At Utopia "
( Self - released ) 2012.
Progressive / progressive rock / melodic rock - HOLLAND

Even that basic idea, and beginings of carrear of Dutch act Landscape started out in 1995  year, we can threat ' em as a newer
act.Discographically, a band debuted during the June of previous year, with 9 songs album entitled " Staring At Utopia ". In its
line-up a group has a fine female singer Sandra Smit and 2 males -Dennis Stant and Joris Wittenberg. Landscape is a pretty
melodic act equally influental by the older and newer progressive / progressive rock tendencies, as same as melodic rock, and even
a melodic pop traces as well. A songs posses a narrative dimension, a pleasent atmosphere is also followed by creative arrangments
includings. In its press material, a group has counted some influental acts as a : Dream Theater, Rush, The Police, Tears And Fears,
but in my opinion even of evident originality, some comparisions leads to late Barcley James Harvest legacy. But, just in some
" cases". " Staring At Utopia" is a listenable product from begining till the end, worth listener's attention...

Rating :  8 / 10
C / o : www.landscapeband.com

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