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VIOLENT GIBSON - American Circus

" American Circus "
( Logic ( ill ) Logic / Atomic Stuff ) 2012.
Sleeze rock / hard rock - ITALY

Violent Gibson are Italian quintet formed back in 2007 year.  They have released one Demo, and during the previous year
also a full - length, entitled " American Circus". A band did a lotta efforts in promotional campaingh, and many webzines
informed about their entire carrear. " American Circus" as a album has introduced them as a sleeze / hard rock act, influental
by the 80's period as well. A same energy a group has putted in vocal and performing elements, and I would add  that productional
work also follows up its basic sound and general psychology. There are a 13 tracks on album, also a cover of  well-known
Stevie Wonder's song - " Superstition", where Italians tried to offer an original view and presentation. Manniristically, " American
Circus" satisfie in general, but also is evident that band simply need a little more originality to offer. We can not find any leading song too, but it's also true to say, that band has sounded as a coherent team. Maybe it's not enough for a  worldwide  success, but some things can be done  better in forthcoming period..

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.violentgibson.biz

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