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" The Wait "
( Wave ) 2012.
Progressive / experimental/post metal/ alter - FINLAND

Nauticus are 5 piece act from Finland, active some period with respectable self-promotional campaighn, so many internet portals informs about its entire carrear. A band has released first full-length in 2009 , entitled " A Wave To Carry Us Out", followed by actuelle from previous 2012 year - " The Wait". A Finnish fellows has offered a sort of opressive apocalyptic-themed concept album, fullfield with real croossover of stylish variants as a : progressive, post metal, alter, alter metal, psychedelic... The songs sufferes from different
atmospheric tensions, and also different moods dominates through complete album materials. Colourful, but agressive productional work, as same as vivid arrangments includings charcterize its album in general. It's a interesting product, with also interesting cover artwork desighn.

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.nauticusband.com

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