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ROBERT HILL - What Are We Waiting For

" What Are We Waiting For "
( Self - released / Hemifran ) 2012.
Traditional blues / roots music / folk - SWEDEN

A Swedish fellow Robert Hill is undoubtelly a new hope and promising artist under the sky of roots music, blues and folk tendencies.
His debut album " What Are We Waiting For", with 13 tracks in, has introduced him as a articulate and brutally honest songwriter and
nothing less convinceble performer. Basically, his approach is orientire to traditional blues variants as same as also to  traditional folk and roots legacies as well. He knows to remind  on Woodie Guthrie, but originality is also his middle name.A productional work  tendentiouslly associate on past times , and period between 30' and 50's years of previous century, but specific atmosphere also characterize a present songs. Fine work and recomandable product...

Rating : 8, 5 / 10
C / o : www.facebook.com/roberthillsongs

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