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BITCH QUEENS ( Switzerland )

BITCH QUEENS  ( Switzerland )
Press / Info :
The Bitch Queen sound isn' t just 1-2-3-4 pun, besides the straight beats you'll find one or the other finesse. That's becouse their musical influences come from different genres.It's a street fight with Motorhead and the Backyard Babies, while next door the Dead Boys are drinking beer with The Datsuns.
In more than one hundred shows in Germany, Austria, France and of course Switzerland - for instance as support for Dollhouse ( SWE), Randy ( SWE ),
The Turbo AC's ( USA ), The Lombego Surfers ( CH ), The Thrashmonkeys ( GER ) and many others - the Bitch Queens have proven themselves to be one of the best live bands from Switzerland in their genre.
Since 2008 Kid Krystal ( Vox/Git ), Captain A. ( drums ), Diamond Dun ( Git ), and Marc Steele ( Bass ) have been on the road in a new formation. After the EP " High Strong " ( October 2009 ) they are now presenting their first longplayer " Female Shotgun", produced by Deezl Imhof of Foolpark Studios.Eleven tracks on the point of peaking will blow anyone's mind - from your lousy kitchen speakers to your living room vinyl sound system...

C / o : www.bitchqueens.com

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