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Distorted Fate started deep in California' s Antelope Valley in 2006. Drummer Brian banner and guitarist Bob Spears had played together for years in a speed metal band xalled Forewarned, and continued to jam together. Long - time friend Mike Weinberg had done some guest vocals for
Forewarned in the past, and when he came to the studio for the first time, the trio wrote 2 songs and realized they had something special.
Next, the long search for a bass player began. One day Brian brought along Aaron Cross, a bandmate from the Iron Maiden tribute Seventh Sun ( and drummer  for death metal band Epicedium ). Aaron wrote the bass lines for the 2 songs in a couple of hours. The earth shifted, forces aligned, and DF was born.
The band cuts its fangs at several shows in the L.A. area and released a homemade demo in 2008. They were focused on hitting the big time and realized they needed professionally produced tracks. Luckilly, DF hooked up with an amazing producer, Matt Gruber ( Queensryxhe, Scorpions ) and  their 10 song CD " Haunting " was completed in September 2010.

C / o : www.distortedfate.com

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