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Info / press  2010.

Crushing Blow are a French five-piece metal band that started in 1997.The band's motivation was to create a refined style of heavy metal, evolving around 3 main principles : melodies, power and emotion. The band's first years were busy trying to complete a stable line-up and Crushing Blow recruited in 2000 singer Audrey and guitarist Ben and definitely made a big step forward in their guest for musical identity. After a long period of intense work, the band released in 2003 their first album entitled " Far Away", made of 10 songs on french record label "Brennusmusic", and also in South America on " Haunted Records" with a different front cover.
The band spent then most of the time playing live-gigs to promote the album and got good responses from various underground medias...
But new line-up changes happened and after a long period, the band finally found a new singer with Valerie, and a new drummer with Laurent. Time was up to write new material in order to release the follower to " Far Away".
Today, Crushing Blow are back with their second album entitled " Cease Fire" and made of 10 songs ( +  intro ) o " Inferno Records"! Recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Ben in 2009 at NV Studio", this album definitely transcends everything  doone by the band before!

C / o : www.inferno-records.net
e-mail : inferno-records@hotmail.fr

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