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VASTATOR ( Chile )

VASTATOR  ( Chile )
Info / press  2010.

Vastator is one of the most classic heavy metal bands emerging from Chile, they are back from the 80's, stronger than ever! The band was formed in 1986.
In 1987 they presented " Inconsciencia Assesina" their first album  with notorious thrash influences from Slayer, Dark Angel and Exodus. In 1989 Vastator presented " Maxina Entropia" their second album with the original Vastator style, mixing thrash and classic heavy metal. Their most direct influences were Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Manowar and other legends of metal. " Maxima Entropia" was a sucess and Vastator was considered as one of the best metal bands from South America by specialized medias. It made Vastator recognized in many countries like Japan, Poland, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and many others.After the Entropy tour  ( Argentina, Peru and Chile ), Vastator dissapeared in 1989, and their members started solo projects with limited success ( Bustamante's Rainbow, Caos, Rob Diaz). After nine years of inactivity, Vastator returned in  1998 and edited a new album  " Guia Para Odiar a tu Projimo" which is a compilation from their previous albums and unreleased songs.
2001: The band made a new studio album " The Night Of San Juan", with very good critics and sales.
2004 Vastator released their first DVD called " El Metal Debe Continuar" containing live shows from 1987 to 2003 and many unreleased material, interviews and backstage. The band released a new album  in 2007 called " Hell Only Knows", that was first released in South America on " Paladin Records", ( and later on American Line Produc. ) before hitting the Old-World with its European release on " Inferno Records" in 2008. This album was supported with  two video clips " Hell Only Knows" and " Unbreakable" and got great reviews from most of the specialized Metal medias !
After a new line-up change and arrival of Felipe Hernandez on Guitars, Vastator spent most of the time playing live, composing new songs for the upcoming album that is now out on " Inferno Records" again!

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