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" Gemini "
( Rainbow Road ) 2009.
Indie pop   - USA

Chris Schutz is a bandleader and songwriter from Philly, Pennsylvania. He had some  previous music experience before realization of his debut album, entitled " Gemini". His mentioned CD from previous 2009 year are consists of 11 tracks in, whose orientations avoid classical genre's definitions, even that Chris himself didn' t communicate with any of unknown crossover details. Some of his songs has a retro touch and 60's views, other enters to 80's indie pop or less indie  rock therithories. He posses a dynamic voice, and all of present songs has a strong melodicity.
On the other hand we can not find any leading theme or characteristic and recognizeble tune, but Chris mainly skillfully balancing through his authors world.
In some aspects he reminds me on latest George Harrison / Traveling Wilburys works, but only in some realizing arrangments fragments. A closing tune  " Jet Stream" could be a recomandable track from " Gemini" album.

Rating : 7 , 5 / 10
C / o : www.chrisschutz.com

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