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THE LONELY H - Concrete Class

" Concrete Class "
( Control Group / TCG ) 2009.
70's rock/classic rock

The Lonely H are Washington boys, and another band faithfull to 70's legacies. They discographically debuted with " Kick Upstairs" from 2006 year, followed by " Hair" from 2007 year. " Concrete Class" is an actuelle full-length with 12 tracks in from previous 2009 year, and band introduces themselves with   70's rock/classic rock  variants nearer to late Bob Seger, Eagles, Jackson Brown views, fullfieled with some Black Crowes performing options, added also with southern emotionals as well. Nothing new, but a group has offered some pleasent vocal harmonizations, a distant arrangments  and solid playings.

Rating : 7 / 10
C / o : www.myspace.com/thelonelyh

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