уторак, 16. новембар 2010.

MOTEL DRIVE - Motel Drive

" Motel Drive "
( Self - released ) 2010.

Motel Drive are another more than interesting unsigned act, whose music orientation leads to revival fields. They work as a quartet, and started out its carrare in 2008 year. Quickly established as a attractive concert act, firstly they are discographically debuted with " $5 Trick" album. A some month ago, a group's actuelle S/t CD, looked the light of day. Motel Drive recapitulates in its own way a 50's period and early rock and roll pastiche.
But they sounds as a fresh and modern act, under the mentioned genre's forms, and also  convinceble enough in its performing capabilities.
Their songs are melodic, repeatable, but band is equally convinceble in playing duties. There are 13 songs in its album, and 2 of them are recorded " live". Practically without weacker places, Motel Drive's album satisfies in every offering details. Check ' em out, and buy their album immediatelly.

Rating : 9 / 10
C / o : www.MotelDrive.com

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