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PETER DORAN - Sleepless Street

" Sleepless Street "
( Self - released ) 2010.

Peter Doran is an Irish artist, continiously active several years in his homeland. He firstly started out his musical life as a guitarist, but later on after discovering Dylan's legacy and other similiar authors, he "transfered " his musical approaches to songwriting fields. He debuted with "Wood" album in 2006 year, and as a press informations confirms, that was a  different album than actuelle , entitled " Sleepless Street" from this 2010 year. 
"Sleepless Street " is a 12 track album, full of unpretencious vocal lines, insightful and emotional lyrics, and fine instrumental arrangments.
 Most of songs were done in mid, to mid-up tempo, and something taken  from 70's pastiche is evident in Doran's musical approach. Even that he mentioned Nick Drake as a one of comparabile artist, I have noticed also some similiarities with late Gilbert O' Sullivan works.Even of that, Doran has introduced himself as a original composer with clear attitude. A fnal, closing " epic" track " Sleepless Night" could be to my opinion a recomandable one, for often and again listenings.

Rating : 7, 5 / 10
C / o : www.peterdoran.com

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